Ancient Pencil Tests - exercises preserved for historical value
Disney Playdom (2011) - I actually got to animate on paper for Disney.... social media.  Ah well, it was still fun, and a good excuse to pore over old Disney model sheets.  Here is a sampling of those pencil tests.
"11 Second Club Entry" (2008) - Animating to assigned sound clip.
"Panther & The Coin" (2003)- A pink panther knock-off and some ulta lounge music.  What could be better? 
"Prey" (2004) - I actually forget what the point of this exercise was.  But whatever the assignment, this is the silly film I made because of it. 
"Strut Your Reel Entry" (2007)- Animated to assigned sound clip.
"Silesia" (2005)- A walk cycle short film.  
"Gene Kelly Rotoscope" (2004) - An assignment to study motion.  So I watched An American In Paris and was happy.
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