( updated demo reel coming soon!)
This is my traditional/tradigital character animation demo reel for updated as of 2016, assembled from my freelance jobs over the years plus a smattering of self-produced work.  In some cases I also did the character and background design, and also directed.  Please reference the shot list below for more details, and for full videos where available.  Thank you to the great folks at Renegade AnimationNoble AnimationTurner StudiosPrimal ScreenArtifact DesignArt at Joe's, and Kelly Light for all the wonderful jobs and for allowing me to use these clips to show my work.
For full videos of these clips, please refer to shot breakdown here:
MONKEY RAG, short film, self-produced [Director/Animator/Designer] full video
ADVENTURE TIME CRAYOLA, Turner Studios [Animator] full video
LOUISE & ANDIE BOOK TRAILER by Kelly Light, self-produced [Director/Animator] full video
TAZ GEICO, Renegade Animation [Animator] full video
SMOKEFREE BLUEBIRD, Artifact Design [Animator/Designer] full video
CREATION MUSEUM FALL, Noble Animation [Director, Animator, Designer] full video
TOM & JERRY SERIES, Renegade Animation [Animator]
TRIX SHADOW, Primal Screen [Animator] full video
EPCOT FOOD & WINE FESTIVAL, Duck Studios [Animator] full video
BABY VS. PUN'KIN, self-produced, [Director/Animator/Designer] full video
BROKEN EGGS, Art at Joe's [Animator/additional bkg character designs]full video
COCOA PUFFS OPERA, produced by Primal Screen [Animator] full video
CNLA CARERRA, Primal Screen [Animator]
LOUISE LOVES ART BOOK TRAILER, self-produced [Animator] full video
CARTOON NETWORK CHILDREN'S DAY, Primal Screen [Animator] full video
TOONCAST DRAWN TOGETHER, produced by Artifact Design [Animator] full video
CASH IN ON CORN DOG/BIG ANGUS, Renegade Animation [Animator] full video
DOT AND DASH PBS EXPANSION, Primal Screen [Animator] full video
MONKEY RAG, short film, self-produced [Director/Animator/Designer] full video
HALL OF GAME OPEN, Turner Studios [Animator on LSP, Finn, Steven] full video
CNLA CHRISTMAS BUG, Artifact Design [Animator] full video
TOUCH ME I'M KAREN TAYLOR, self-produced [Director/Animator/Designer] full video
NICK NABI JR, Primal Screen [Animator on Boy/additional animal designs] full video
LOWCARB COMEDY FAN REQUEST, self-produced [Director/Animator/Designer] full video
PRIMERICA: IDENTITY THEFT, Spitfire Studios [Director/Animator/Designer] full video
PUPSAVER PROMO, self-produced. [Director/Animator/Designer] full video
ST. PATTY'S DAY CARD, self-produced. [Director/Animator/Designer] full video
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