Hi, I'm Joanna Davidovich...

I was born near Jacksonville Florida into a family of Ukrainian gymnasts.  When it became apparent I could neither execute a back handspring, nor bear the minimum amount of body glitter required for competition, I fell back onto a talent for doodling sunglass-wearing flamingos and somehow made a career out of that. I earned a BFA in Animation from the Savannah College of Art and Design and graduated as a salutatorian of the class of 2005.  Now based in Atlanta, I works as a freelance animator, character designer, story artist, and all-around 2D animation-type person for commercials, promos, and television shows.  Studios I've worked for include Renegade Animation, DUCK, Noble Animation, Primal Screen, Turner Studios, Playdom, and Bento Box. My variety of studio work includes animating on Cocoa Puffs commercials and on-air promos for Cartoon Network, and animated series such as Ugly Americans, Monica's Gang, and the Tom & Jerry Show.  Of my self-produced work, I created the titles for the BBC3 show Touch Me I'm Karen Taylor (2007), and the Laughing Orangutans (2008) cartoons for PBS's Electric Company. My animated short Monkey Rag (2013) ran wild on the festival circuit and won some nifty awards, and also had a limited run in theaters in 2015.

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